Les vacances

My loyal little artistes,

As much as I am enjoying the shores of Pubol, I have decided it is time for a change.

I will be traveling next week to see my Sal for a couple of days at the Dali Museum in Figueres. After that, we will travel together to the amazing city of Paris for the remainder of Summer. But do not worry, I will still be keeping in touch.

As of now, we do not have any solid plans except maybe pay a visit to Dali’s old friend, Pablo Picasso. Possibly also Joan Miro. I’d love to catch up on the new films in theaters, the new Autumn collections of the designers, and the new exhibits at many musées parisiennes. A girl can only take so much time off from society…

I certianly hope the weather there is at least a tad cooler then the swealtering heat I have recently been experiencing. Although I said I would go shopping in Paris, I did go out earlier this week to find some suitable Summer dresses to wear upon arrival. We shall see if Dali finds my healthy glow and colorful finds to be an inspiration for a new “master work”…

Time to pack! I am giddy with excitement!





Tomber en amour

As these hot days wear on, it is hard not to think of the days long ago when Dali and I had just met, surrounded by surrealists, in his hometown of Cadaques. I recall that at first, I thought him to be a very obnoxious creature, with his pomaded hair and elegance. That same night, however, I was proven wrong by the handsome young man while him and I walked, conversing together in the moonlight. Several nights later, we realized our intense connection the first time we touched. I took his hand in mine and because of his nervousness, he burst out laughing! I understood the exact meaning of this outburst, knew immediately the intense fanaticism that Dali felt towards me, and I said to him, “My little boy! We shall never leave each other.”

From then on I became his Gradiva, the heroine in his life who affected his psychological cure. I had come to destroy and annihilate his solitude while he brought me to my own equilibrium.  We achieved this knowledge after our first kiss, during which we were so moved that I asked him to kill me and he agreed but after many hours dissecting ourselves together, we weaned each other from such a crime, and in turn cured each other of our madness.

Queen Gala

My dearest friends, it is almost that time of year again, the season which brings us the pleasure of escape…

Along with occasionally smoldering heat, Summer also allows for the magnificent feeling of plunging into a deep pool of water and feeling your skin tingle and tighten delightfully. I have always loved the luxurious languidness that comes with the summertime, and at my castle in Pubol, I can escape from the world for months at a time. I remember the joy I felt when Dali first told me it was mine. I loved everything about it, even though at first glance it was somewhat run down. Tracing back to the 11th century, Dali and I wanted to ensure its romanticism remained intact, even after numerous repairs. Since then, I have spent many a Summer sunbathing along the poolside, spending long hours reading at the library, and simply getting lost in my thoughts while observing the view outside of my bedroom window to the courtyards. To me, it is a refuge, my own sacred ground in which to find myself and reach inner peace. Dali sometimes asks me what it is I spend my time doing, but has learned that I do not like to divulge my secrets. It is my slice of paradise, and privacy is of utmost importance to me. Its three stories house countless things of beauty, and, of course, a throne for its queen, Moi.

Afternoon Delight at Cafe Gala

My darling Dali paid me tribute in many ways. As you must know, many of his famous works carry my name, depict my face, or are signed Gala-Salvador Dali. These professions of love are dear to me because they remind me of just how important I truly am. And of course, The Dali Museum has cause to pay me tribute, as well. There would not have been a Dali without Gala.

Inside of The Dali, there is a wonderful little café named Café Gala. Before approving my name be used, I had to be absolutely certain that everything was to my liking, including the help. You can’t serve robust foods like manchego cheese and Serrano ham without robust young people doing the serving. I required that one of my favorite wines, Cava, a sparkling Rose from Perelada, Spain be served. For those with a less sophisticated palate, there are other wines to choose from for an afternoon drink. I insisted that Spain be well represented in the menu with tortilla española, gazpacho, caldo gallego, and a truly delightful tapas plate of manchego cheese and Serrano ham.

And for dessert, I demanded decadence. If you have never wrapped your lips around a spoonful of crema catalana, you may as well be dead. Live, my darlings, with a little crema catalana. Come by the Museum and enjoy a cup of espresso with me in the Avant-garden…or perhaps a glass of Cava. We will drink to Dali, we will drink to the Dali Museum, and we will drink to Gala!

Get Them While They’re Young

Although it is hard to remember a time when I was not the center of my Dali’s world, there did exist a period when he was just a young painter, with only his dreams and the typically lewd thoughts of a teenage boy. I met Dali when he was not far beyond his teenage years; as the older woman I had to teach him many things before I could truly call him a man. But I digress.

Much of my Dali’s earlier work from his teenage years is on display at the Dali Museum, and now as well there is displayed art work from a new generation of promising young surrealists.

The Hillsborough Student Surrealist Art Exhibition Award Winners for 2012 are currently on display. My husband was 21 when he had his first exhibition, but these young artists are scarcely more than children and already being lauded! Imagine, exhibiting at the Dali Museum at such a young age as to still reek of Pro Active. Huzzah, the arts will survive another generation!

Paranoia, Masturbation, and Math

My dear friends, as you know, my Salvador was absolutely fascinated by all things scientific. His obsessions with spirals, the golden section, biology, chemistry, and optical illusions are seen in many of his works. He insisted on meeting and corresponding with the foremost scientists of our day and of course shared his opinion on their work. He even once said, “Thinkers and literati can’t give me anything. Scientists give me everything, even the immortality of the soul.”

It is quite fitting, then, that The Dali Museum hosts a series titled “Dali + Science.” These monthly lectures explore a wide range of scientific topics that engaged my Dali throughout his lifetime, such as paranoia, masturbation, and math. Presented by docent darling Peter Tush, Dali Museum Education Curator, these lectures are a delight! Pure irreverence and quite easy to digest, I assure you. Alas, my social calendar is booked through the spring, but I do insist you make yourself available. Tell them Gala sent you, my darlings. That’s all you ever need say.

Gala gives thanks

In the spirit of the coming season, I have made a short list of things for which I am the most thankful. Perhaps they will inspire envy, perhaps laughter, perhaps ennui. I do hope they inspire something. You would likely benefit from some inspiration.

I am thankful for my darling Dalí.

I am also thankful for Paul Eluard, Max Ernst and Jeff Fenholt. Very well, let’s just say I am thankful for men.

I am thankful for my castle in Pubol, the gardens, and solitude from the adoring, sycophantic masses.

I am thankful for Dalí’s masterful painting Galatea of the Spheres.

And for the way Dalí painted my breast in Galarina.

I am thankful for being Russian – my homeland and that of the great Dostoyevsky.

I am thankful for sparkling Cava from Perelada, Spain.

I am thankful for the Caganer – they make such great gifts!

I am even thankful for you, my dear readers.

And of course, I am thankful for being moi.

Galarina (Salvador Dali, 1944-45) In the USA © Salvador Dali Museum, Inc. St. Petersburg, Florida, 2011 Worldwide rights © Salvador Dalí. Fundación Gala-Salvador Dali (Artists Rights Society) 2011