La jeunesse

As I take a look back at all the exquisite paintings my Salvador painted of me, I realize more and more how much he truly cared for the small details that made me smile. As is widely known, thanks to his father, I am 10 years more “mature” than Dali, but if you were to compare all of his depictions of me throughout the 40? years that he painted them, you would notice he kindly showed me as the thought was most beautiful, and in doing such made me seem much more ageless and youthful than I truly looked in real life. Yes, my followers, even a gal as vain and beautiful as me will, one day, begin to age. I could not have asked for a more gentle and loving husband in this aspect, for when we were together he made me feel as young as the day we met. He understood that it was difficult to “get over the fact that time has touched [me],” and for his love and care, I adored him.


Dizzy Dali Dinner

Dearest followers,
I am sorry to be posting late in this afternoon, but Gala has not been feeling too well this morning. You see, last night Salvador and I threw one of our surreal dinner parties at the castle, and I seem to have enjoyed myself too much.
Well, not too much, of course, just enough to require a slow and relaxing morning.
You see, when we Dalis host parties, you know we will not be serving a simple 3 course meal. Everything from our celebrity guests to the still living hors d’oeuvres is tres grandois.
Getting an invite is usually the hardest part, as only the surrealest of the surreals tend to be in attendance. If you’d like to get a taste, however, Gala can share a snippet of the only documented dinner party we’ve hosted (for good reason).

Take a peek here:
Any ideas for themes next time?
I must rest but do enjoy the movie,


Oh mon Dieu…

My dearest followers,
Today, as I was stumbling through the internet, I found the most blasphemous blog  entry that has ever existed. Words escape me  as I try to explain what I have just read.  I will start from the beginning:  as you may guess, my interests on StumbleUpon include: art, beauty, muses, and myself. Usually, I can spend hours just scrolling through these categories. But today I read something that stopped me cold.  I happened to open a page titled “The 10 Most Famous Muses of  All Time” , where I  would clearly be included… but I could never have imagined what my eyes would read next.
I was ranked number 2! Now I’m sure this was some sort of mistake… I have never even heard of this number 1 “Alice” woman! She’s not even a woman, she is a child for goodness sakes. So there was a famous book which has inspired various movies and some pictures were taken,  but how many paintings in the world depict me? Salvador even combined our names to sign his paintings, he lived for me! Obviously this was not taken into account.  Alas, I cannot do anything but write a nice email to the author of this article, and wait for the mistake to be corrected. I will be sure to keep you updated.
Readers, let me know if you agree with this list.
Merci for your support in these trying times,