The Art of Heckling

My friends,

Gala has once again proven how hip I am  with a cool new underground discovery. But readers, you must promise not to tell the masses, so that it does not become mainstream… or maybe you should tell everyone, so this extremely entertaining new form of heckling can take off and entertain us all! It is called movie heckling, and it comes to us from MuVChat, a company that allows audiences to text all sorts of  messages to a particular number, and have it displayed on the movie screen for all to see… as if today’s youth needed another platform to  express their opinions. Similar to a Twitter feed, your comments are posted in a live feed  right underneath the movie itself.

If you are interested in joining this elite group of movie hecklers, The Dali Museum will be holding a movie screening of “Twister” with this technology at  their Surreal Summer Nights event. The first movie ,“The Batman” was a hit, with a perfect combination of ridiculousness from the movie itself and  hilarity from the audience. One cannot forget the fact that this was the version featuring George Clooney in  a skin tight bat suit. Members get free admission and a drink ticket to use at the cash bar (more details at; and if you do join in on the fun, make sure to bring your most humorous wit along with you.


Art on screen

Darlings, this is going to be brief. Gala has a headache, and the very thought of writing is agony. But I will not totally abandon you, my dear readers and fans – I am going to give you a visual treat instead.

On November 3, the museum will feature screenings of the luminous cartoon, Destino. Although I am not supposed to call it a cartoon and I usually have no time for animated drivel, this particular moving picture is a work of art.

My Dali and Walt (that’s Mr. Disney to you) worked together on this groundbreaking project more than 60 years ago, and others almost as talented finished it in 2004.

It’s a story as old as time, a simple love story of boy-meets-girl, but told as only Dali could imagine it, complete with images that spring from his mind like no other’s: melting clocks, tuxedo-clad disembodied eyeballs, metamorphosing ballerinas, ants that become  bicycles, and surprising baseballs.

Still from Destino, 2004

But why all this talk? Come by next Thursday and see the full magic for yourself – on screen, accompanied by a wonderful documentary that can educate you all on how Dali made the film, yet another masterpiece.