Tomber en amour

As these hot days wear on, it is hard not to think of the days long ago when Dali and I had just met, surrounded by surrealists, in his hometown of Cadaques. I recall that at first, I thought him to be a very obnoxious creature, with his pomaded hair and elegance. That same night, however, I was proven wrong by the handsome young man while him and I walked, conversing together in the moonlight. Several nights later, we realized our intense connection the first time we touched. I took his hand in mine and because of his nervousness, he burst out laughing! I understood the exact meaning of this outburst, knew immediately the intense fanaticism that Dali felt towards me, and I said to him, “My little boy! We shall never leave each other.”

From then on I became his Gradiva, the heroine in his life who affected his psychological cure. I had come to destroy and annihilate his solitude while he brought me to my own equilibrium.  We achieved this knowledge after our first kiss, during which we were so moved that I asked him to kill me and he agreed but after many hours dissecting ourselves together, we weaned each other from such a crime, and in turn cured each other of our madness.


Birthday Bash

“Let all the bells ring!

Look! Salvador Dali has just been born!

No wind blows and the May sky is without a single cloud.

In a house on Calle de Monturiol a new-born babe is being watched closely and with infinite love by his parents, provoking a slight and unaccustomed domestic disorder.”

Of course, only my Dali would write about his own birth in such a majestic way. Sunday, the 13th, marked 108 years since that glorious day, when at forty-five minutes after eight o’clock baby Salvador came into this world. It is the second most important day of the year, after my birthday of course, and what a grand party we had! Dali’s Annual Birthday Bash was held on May 11th this year, with everything from look-alike contests, tarot readings, mustache painting, and prizes galore. The cake pops and singing took place at my favorite venue, The Dali Museum, where Gentlemen Please played a wonderful set and the party lasted from 10 am until evening- the perfect start to summer!

For those of you who didn’t get the chance to go, you can see the highlights of the evening on the Dali Flickr page. And for those of you who went, I hope you got a mustache or at least some photobooth pictures holding one. And do tell me, what was your favorite part of the celebration?

Comedic Genius

In light of The Dali Museum’s upcoming Dali + Science topic, Dali + Comedy, I wanted my dear readers to know, Dali was not as funny as he thought he was. At least from my point of view. Imagine simply wanting to go out to a nice dinner with your world-renowned artist of a husband, only to have him make a mockery of your date by showing up in a limousine filled with whatever vegetable with which he had recently become obsessed! Don’t get me wrong, we had almost the same sense of humor, both enjoying classics such as the Marx Brothers, but to me, there was a line and Dali always found a way to cross it. Of course, I was his center of attention, but it would have been nice to send the paparazzi into frenzy due to my fabulous evening gown for once instead of the stale loaf of bread on Salvador’s head.  I can’t say I didn’t know what I was getting myself into with him though, for he was always a ridiculous man. I’m sure you’ve all seen the self-portraits from his youth, robed and wearing his mother’s makeup, or heard the stories of him parading around his home in the costume of a little king. His sense of humor never quite matured. Maybe it is time for me to also embrace my childlike tendencies of playing dress up. Tell me readers, what should Gala do in order to steal the scene next time we are out?

Earth Day Musings

As I wait for Summer to arrive in Pubol, I cannot help but marvel at all of the new life sprouting up around me. Springtime completely transforms the foliage into a lush, green landscape. As I write from my favorite contemplating window at my castle, I cannot contain the fascination I have with Mother Nature’s beauty, and just in time for me to praise her for Earth Day. Luckily, my garden remains untouched by any sort of environmental damage that is harming the globe; and I intend to keep it that way by nurturing and caring for it as often as possible. If only the rest of the world would follow in my footsteps and make an honest attempt to conserve the wonderful life that surrounds us…

There exist an infinite number of ways for us to attempt to make a change in the way we live and yet leave no harmful impact on this fantastic gift Mother Nature has given us. Even Dali has always appreciated her beauty, and if you look closely, his paintings reflect exactly that. His optimism for the future was based strongly on faith in scientific and technological progress, as is mine.

Now, to help get his message across, the Dali Museum and the City of St. Petersburg will be holding an Earth Day celebration for the official activation of electric car charging stations located throughout the city and at the museum itself. The museum will also be unveiling the oh-so-adorable “Dali” Wheego electric car, one of the most adorable homages to Dali ever seen. I certainly encourage all everyone to go, but while you’re there, please be sure to ask when the “Gala” Wheelgo will be available for me purchase. Also, make sure to bring along your own alternatively powered vehicle.

Happy charging!


One thing men can never really seem to understand about women is how diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. As a gal of great taste, I have always enjoyed the finer things in life, such as ruby brooches, pearl necklaces, and chandelier earrings. The more stones the better, I always said. Dali could never understand this for some reason. He was always going on regarding that the “true perspective” of such art was in “the design and craftsmanship” versus the “material worth” of the gems. Although I can agree with that for the most part, I would then say to him that I would of course love anything he hand-crafted, but just make sure it has a lot of diamonds! All jokes aside, Dali really had a knack for designing some truly unique and ornate pieces.  Every stone had a specific meaning and effect, every detail was meant to entrance and entertain the wearer as well as the observer. It is similar in this way to Dali’s art on the canvas. At first costume-like, the artistic pieces also won praise for their surreal designs. Although many of the originals Dali created are stored in various different museums and collections around the world and the rest are in my personal jewelry box, wearing them is still possible! Online or in-store at the Dali Museum, one can purchase as many replicas of these beauties almost anytime. That way, you can be one step closer to reaching Gala’s level of finesse.

Queen Gala

My dearest friends, it is almost that time of year again, the season which brings us the pleasure of escape…

Along with occasionally smoldering heat, Summer also allows for the magnificent feeling of plunging into a deep pool of water and feeling your skin tingle and tighten delightfully. I have always loved the luxurious languidness that comes with the summertime, and at my castle in Pubol, I can escape from the world for months at a time. I remember the joy I felt when Dali first told me it was mine. I loved everything about it, even though at first glance it was somewhat run down. Tracing back to the 11th century, Dali and I wanted to ensure its romanticism remained intact, even after numerous repairs. Since then, I have spent many a Summer sunbathing along the poolside, spending long hours reading at the library, and simply getting lost in my thoughts while observing the view outside of my bedroom window to the courtyards. To me, it is a refuge, my own sacred ground in which to find myself and reach inner peace. Dali sometimes asks me what it is I spend my time doing, but has learned that I do not like to divulge my secrets. It is my slice of paradise, and privacy is of utmost importance to me. Its three stories house countless things of beauty, and, of course, a throne for its queen, Moi.

Afternoon Delight at Cafe Gala

My darling Dali paid me tribute in many ways. As you must know, many of his famous works carry my name, depict my face, or are signed Gala-Salvador Dali. These professions of love are dear to me because they remind me of just how important I truly am. And of course, The Dali Museum has cause to pay me tribute, as well. There would not have been a Dali without Gala.

Inside of The Dali, there is a wonderful little café named Café Gala. Before approving my name be used, I had to be absolutely certain that everything was to my liking, including the help. You can’t serve robust foods like manchego cheese and Serrano ham without robust young people doing the serving. I required that one of my favorite wines, Cava, a sparkling Rose from Perelada, Spain be served. For those with a less sophisticated palate, there are other wines to choose from for an afternoon drink. I insisted that Spain be well represented in the menu with tortilla española, gazpacho, caldo gallego, and a truly delightful tapas plate of manchego cheese and Serrano ham.

And for dessert, I demanded decadence. If you have never wrapped your lips around a spoonful of crema catalana, you may as well be dead. Live, my darlings, with a little crema catalana. Come by the Museum and enjoy a cup of espresso with me in the Avant-garden…or perhaps a glass of Cava. We will drink to Dali, we will drink to the Dali Museum, and we will drink to Gala!