Accounting for taste

I know said I might continue my New York stories this week, but I am distracted by something else. I hear the public is enamored of this concept called Groupon – an opportunity for those of you who count your pennies so judiciously to experience some of the things I can do without thinking twice about who pays the bill.

I was amazed when I was told that the Dali was participating in Groupon. My darling Dali’s work on display, at a discount? It is obscene! Or genius – I can’t decide which.

Salvador Dali, Basket of Bread (1926) In the USA © Salvador Dali Museum, Inc. St. Petersburg, Florida, 2011 Worldwide rights © Salvador Dalí. Fundación Gala-Salvador Dali (Artists Rights Society) 2011

This is a good thing, you say? It exposes more people to Dali? Can the subtle beauty of Basket of Bread be fully grasped after devouring olive tapenade at the bar? Basket of Bread is breathtaking, but not enough to miraculously convert a foul-exhaling proletariat into an appreciator of art. No, my friends, all this will do is fog the glass with a thin veil of garlic.

And yet I am told they will continue to host these events, though thankfully not until the new year. You will certainly not see me wandering the galleries on these days, but should you decide to join the masses, I can only advise you to bring an Altoid … and a friend.


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